Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One Minute Volumes 5 and 6 at Furtherfield Gallery

One Minute Volumes 5 and 6 will be screening on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd February 2013 at Furtherfield Gallery, Finsbury Park, London between the hours of 12 and 4pm. Free entry. This is the final weekend  of the One Minute screenings at Furtherfield Gallery and I am told the gallery has been busy. Artists included in volumes 5 and 6 (in no particular order) :

The Gluts, Lumiere et Son (Sam Renseiw & Philip Sanderson), Phillip Warnell, Ron Diorio, Guy Sherwin, Lynn Loo, Edwin Rostron, Rose Butler, Steven Ball, Tina Keane, Katherine Meynell, Gary Peploe, Nicki Rolls, Priya Sundram, Chris Meigh-Andrews, Louisa Minkin and Alex Shady, Clint Enns, Annabel Dover, Michael Cousin, Paulo Menezes, Michael Szpakowski, Eleni Xintaras, Emily Richardson, My Name Is Scot, Chris Paul Daniels, Alex Pearl, Gordon Dawson, Helen Judge, Michael Woody, Stuart Moore and Kayla Parker, Marty St. James, Janine Schneider,  Kerry Baldry, Barbara Rosenthal, Riccardo Iacono, Esther Johnson, Stuart Pound, Martin Pickles, Juan Zamora, Kate Jessop, Jonathan Moss, Daniela Butsch, Jennifer Ross, David Kefford, Zhel (Zeljko Vukicevic), Virginia Hilyard, Nicki Rolls, Nick Jordan and Jacob Cartwright, Callum Cooper, Barry Lewis, Leister / Harris, Kelvin Brown

a still from Summoning by Louisa Minkin and Alex Shady

Monday, January 21, 2013

One Minute Volumes 3 and 4 at Furtherfield Gallery

Thanks to everyone that came down to Furtherfield Gallery for the launch of One Minute volumes 1 - 6  it was a great turn out despite the weather. This coming weekend 26th and 27th January 2013 are the screenings of One Minute volumes 3 and 4. Free entry

Artists in Volume 3 and 4  include (in no order):

Marty St.James, Tina Keane, Tony Hill,  Laure Prouvost, Louisa Minkin, Martin Pickles, Eva Rudlinger, Emily Richardson, Gordon Dawson, Nick Jordon, Richard Tuohy, Alex Pearl, Hollington & Kyprianou, Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore, Katherine Meynell, Gary Peploe, Rose Butler, Leister/Harris, Kerry Baldry, Stuart Pound, Samantha Clark, Tansy Spinks, Steven Ball, Virginia Hilyard, Dave Griffiths, Mark Wigan, Daniela Butsch, Nynke Deinema, Claire Morales, Nicolas Herbert, Matthew Rowe, Jonathan Moss, Chris Meigh-Andrews, Sam Renseiw and Philip Sanderson, Anahita Razmi, Kate Jessop, Bob Levene, Erica Scourti, Elizabeth Hobbs, Liam Wells, Michael Cousin, Virginia Hilyard, Riccardo Iacono, Fil Ieropoulos, James Snazell,  Simon Payne, Zhel (Zeljko Vukicevic), Nicki Rolls, Michael Szpakowski, David Kefford, Cate Elwes.

Film Poem 1 'Storm' by Tina Keane
Untitled by Stuart Pound

Review by Michael Szpakowski

A link to the unedited version of Michael Szpakowski's review of One Minute volumes 1 - 4.
An edited version was first published in Cate Elwes's Moving Image Review and Art Journal in January 2012.
Unedited version