Sunday, October 22, 2017

This Way Up 2017

A One Minute programme (selections from all volumes) has been compiled for The British Council for a screening during this year's This Way Up Conference taking place in Hull during City of Culture 2017. The One Minutes will be screening in a restored 1960s Vintage Mobile Cinema 
on 7 - 8th November. Free entry

Artists included in the programme are: Anna Mortimer, Alexander Costello, Sam Meech and Chris Paul Daniels, Amy Lunn, My Name Is Scot, Kerry Baldry, Emily Richardson, Paul Tarrago,
Martin Pickles, Claire Morales, Louisa Minkin and Alex Shady, Katherine Meynell,
Mark Wigan, Marty St. James, Gordon Dawson, Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore, Stuart Pound, Nicolas Herbert, Tina Keane, Philip Sanderson, Riccardo Iacono, Tony Hill, Ellie Kyungran Heo, Eva Rudlinger, Sam Renseiw, Steven Ball, Jonathan Moss, Rose Butler, Nicki Rolls, Alex Pearl 

'Audrey' Vintage Mobile Cinema
The Mobile cinema will also screen:
  • documentary shorts from the British Council/Scottish Documentary Institute Stories programme, which, since 2011, has trained filmmakers from countries as different as Jordan, Libya, Pakistan and Syria, in the art of creative documentary;
  • First Acts: bold, daring expressions of creativity, delivered in short film form by young artist filmmakers -- commissioned  by the Random Acts Network for Arts Council England and Channel 4;
  • new animated shorts from the UK, curated by Abigail Addison;
  • Flare films, from a British Council international touring programme in partnership with BFI Flare.

Screening Schedule (approximate)

7 November                         8 November
11:00                          Stories 1                                     One Minute
11:45                          Random Acts Presents              Astounding Animation 2
12:30                          Flare Films                                 Random Acts Presents
13:15                          One Minute                               Stories 2
14:30                          Random Acts Presents              Astounding Animation 1
15:15                          Stories 2                                     Random Acts Presents
16:00                          Astounding Animation 1             One Minute
16:45                          One Minute                               Flare Films
17:00                          Flare Films                                 Stories 1
17:45                          Astounding Animation 2    
18:30                          Stories 2